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DRACULA'S BRIDE  -  11/2021

The "Dracula's Bride" Collection was my third collection at Bläck-Cirkus. Due to the crazy time the work got postponed for months before being able to shoot. The Collection was inspired by the Bram Stoker's Dracula film from 1992. I re-elaborated the wedding/funeral dress of Lucy, played by Sadie Frost in the film, in 4 different dresses. The project has been specifically inspired by Lucy's Bridal Dress, so the four looks I designed are all Bridal Dresses. The fabrics utilised were lace, cotton and tulle and every look was enriched with beads styled in different ways. For the shooting I collaborated  with @elisasalvadori_ as a model, @renartistmua as a make up + hair artist and  @sofia.pericoli that worked with the photo set up.

Due to the small nature of the company I manage a few projects at a time so secure your purchase as soon as you can. Please  contact me via message/ email for setting up any type of order.

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