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  • How do I place an order?
    To place an order go to the "Contact" page, send a message through my social media or write an email at info@blä Make sure to include these answers to your massage: Are you commissioning an illustration from scratch? 1) tell me about your idea. 2) is your commission supposed to be digital or are you looking for an original (drawn onto paper )? Are you ordering a piece of clothing? 1) what garment are you looking for? 2) what type of fabric and colour do you want it to be made of? Due to the small nature of the company I manage a few projects at a time. In order to let my customers wait the least possible from once they send the payment through, I will take on an order as soon as I am done with the previous ones (so you will pay only once I am about to start with your project). If I am already working on something else, I will place your order on a waiting list and get back to you near the time I can start with it.
  • How do I figure out my size?
    Enter the "Size Chart" section. What you just need is either a measuring tape or a long piece of cord and a ruler/set square. Follow thoroughly my instructions for taking your body measurements and compare them to my charts. Select the size that is the closest to your own size (always better to go bigger than smaller), but if you see that you might have too much of a difference from the international sizes, hit me up and we can discuss together the chance of making something customized on your personal measures
  • How can I know that I will be happy with my commission?
    This is a fair question and the answer that I can give you is that I am committed to make you as satisfied as possible. If you like my previous works and we both will be clear to each other on what you are looking for and what the cost will be, I don't see why it shouldn't be a pleasurable exerience You are involved all the way through and I will check in at every stage to make sure that you are satisfied with the current outcome. I am happy to accept minor adjustments but all the garments/ products must be planned upfront in order to let me be clear on the price. Keep in mind that any change after having set for a project might lead to a surcharge. The payment of the product can be done all in one go or alternatively half of it before I start and the second and last part at the end, right before having me shipping it. This is something I want to offer to my clients to let them feel safe about their money
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