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I worked as a Fetish Designer in the past and I immensely enjoyed the openness that this type of apparel would give me. Designing clothes that are intended to be sexy and provocative gives you a huge power in terms of experimentation. I can't wait to help any of you with your innermost secret desires and create your see-through, PVC and latex garments.

You can purchase  one of my designs with your own specific measurements, a variation of one of my models or a customized model you have conceived yourself.

Due to the small nature of the company I manage a few projects at a time so secure your purchase as soon as you can. Please  contact me via message/ email for setting up any type of order. Have a look at what other people's orders look like. Be creative, I will be looking forward for your freakish ideas :)

Don't you know how to set up an order? Make sure to answer to all these questions * read here
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