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Dear all,

one month has gone by since I launched my collection, and I feel like I have been receiving quite a few positive comments about it considering it was my very first work here. 

I am aware that alternative fashion is not everyone's cuppa, and someone might look at them as costume-y type of clothes. But when you see that even standard-casual looking people enjoy something (slightly) more peculiar, that is what at my eyes is a good result already. 

We have lost our ability to be ourselves, to open up to the world without filters therefore my priority at Bläck-Cirkus is proving people that there is no gain in pretending to be something else than ourselves. There is no major goal than discovering who we truly are and do our best to feel comfortable in our own skin. It's a long slow process, made by little gestures one at a time, but you have to start off somewhere, and something as simple as wearing an unconventional garment or accessory that represents you is a good starting point. Then? Then I'll be here, waiting to help you in bringing out your innermost self.


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