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A little teenager

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I have been intensively writing lately, a bit like a little teenager that has things to say but doesn't know how to pull them all out. It's strange, as I generally have no issue whatsoever when it comes to say things. But then, there is always something that somehow has that effect on you, that ability to freeze your mind and makes you wonder how to convey that feeling that seems so hard to be explained in words that time. The beauty and tragedy of fascination, that trembling sensation that you are very high up which could very well take you deep down too.

The risk of exposure, yet the disregard of failing as the hope for the success overpowers by far the fear of falling into pieces. Will the experience prevent you from falling down? It won't, but in that case I'll have learnt something new. We are nothing but the result of our mistakes and willingness to carry on. I am scared to fail, it would be stupid not to be so, but still I won't let this forbid me from reaching my peak, which could be what scares me today


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