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Different paths

Life does usually not follow a straight line as you, or other people, would like or expect to. Instead it will most likely look like a scribble or a tree branch, going towards a certain direction but trying multiple different paths, when you zoom in.

It's hard to accept to compromise, and very hard to open your eyes and understanding that it's time for you to change strategy or approach. Mostly though, what I find very hard is trying not to be affected too much by people I care about's opinion. I believe in my ideas and I am grateful of what I have done in life so far, yet some very few people are able, with a snap of a finger, to let me doubting all the very things I feel proud of. Does loving and esteeming someone should make you reconsider who you are and all your reasons to do what you are doing? I value very much the fact that I am open to external stimuli, and the fact that I am able to take into account other people's suggestions but not to the point of this causing me blackouts, as this shouldn't be let happen. Life is hard, because apart from you trying to figure out your own way to go, there will be people around you trying to desist you from doing what you think it is the best for you to be done. But it's tricky to understand whether their advice comes from love or fear. I ultimately still think that the person who has the best view on your life is just yourself.

Love yourselves dearly.


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