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It might be handy to ask for help as some measurements might be hard to be taken on your own. Check my instructions, try your best to be accurate and hit me up if any doubt arises.

- get a measuring tape or a long piece of cord and a ruler/set square.
- measure your bust, waist and hips and compare them to the chart underneath. 
- select the size that is the closest to yours 

It is always better to go bigger than smaller if unsure, but if you see that you might have too much of a difference from one measure to the other, proceed to the next paragraph.



measures on body-01.jpg
measures on body-02.jpg

If you are here it means you either don't fit any standard size (don't you worry, it's more common than you think), or you just want something that fits you as much as possible.

- get a measuring tape or a long piece of cord and a ruler/set square.
- follow thoroughly my instructions that you will find underneath for taking your body measurements and write everything down for me, please.

- bust: measure the bust circumference at its fullest width;

- chest: do not measure the circumference  but only armscye to armscye,  7 cm / 3 inches below your neck point from the center front (where you can feel the hole of the end of your sternum bone). similar to "back width" measurement but at the front;

- waist: take this circumference remembering to be not too tight; 

- hips: take the measurement of the widest part and write this down.

- back width: measure the line 15 cm/ 6 inch below the neck bone at the back, from armscye to armscye;

- shoulder: from the neck to the shoulder bone (outer side of the shoulder).

- 1/2 neck: measure (half of) the circle  going from the front collar bone to the back neck bone. (on the pic above 1/2 neck (front) and 1/2 neck (back));

- biceps: while bending your arm and place your hands along your hips (as shown above) measure the top arm;

- sleeve length (avoid if  sleeveless): bend the arm as before, measure from shoulder bone, passing through the elbow and up until the wrist;

- wrist (avoid if  sleeveless): wrist measurement, not too tight, again;

- nape to waist: from the neck bone (centre back) to the waist;

- nape to hips: from the neck bone (centre back) to the hips;

- shoulder to waist: from the shoulder(front side), passing through the bust, all the way to the waist;

- armscye depth: from the neck bone (centre back) to the armscye;

- waist to floor: from the waist to the floor.

The following measurements are to be taken only if you are looking for trousers/catsuits:

- ankle: measure the ankle

-body rise: sit down on a chair. Take the mesurement externally by keeping the tape/ruler upright without bending it. measure waist to the chair;

- leg length: crotch to ankle.

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