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BläckCirkus is an independent project, result of a strong passion as well as an assiduos research. I have asked myself what kind of job I would have liked to do and whether the current fashion industry was leading towards the right way. Although clothes are more accessible than in the past, you can sense an impoverishment both ethically and quilitatively happening. We didn't really need to have all those garments they made us believe to, plus their durability is usually very uncertain. I asked myself what I valued and what I imagined as a better alternative and so I started thinking about my laboratory.


I am proud to say that my company supports a social and ecological sustainability. Social because by endorsing independent businesses like mine you discourage child labour and we together contribute to a reduction of the exploitation of 3rd world countries. Ecological since you consciously decide everyday that durability and quality are more important than the compulsive action of buying that fast fashion has established. By giving the opportunity to BläckCirkus, as well as many other artisans like me, you rewrite the present and the future for a more respectful and qualitatively higher place.







If what BläckCirkus represents is something you agree with and appreciate, I ask you to share my work and talk about my idea, by posting my clothes and illustrations, so that we can grow together and create a fitter concept of self- expression and freedom.



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